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How do I use Saved Templates, copy, re-use or change a published Briefing?
How do I use Saved Templates, copy, re-use or change a published Briefing?

Using custom templates and making updates to a Briefing that is already "sent"

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After saving your Briefing as a draft or sending your Briefing, if you find you need to re-use the format, make some changes or updates, or simply re-send it, you can do so following these simple steps: 

1) In Monitor, select Briefing from the drop-down menu, then click "New Briefing." 

2) On the window that appears, you will see two options. The first option is to select 'Create New Briefing' (to use a saved template), and the second option is to select 'Copy a Past Briefing'. Both options are covered below.

Create New Briefing (Using Templates)

1) Click on 'Create New Briefing'. You will get the following pop-up, asking you to select either a standard template (there are 3 standard templates to choose from), or a previously saved template (once you have saved one).

2) Select 'Saved Template' and use the drop-down menu to find the previously saved template you would like to use for your new Briefing setup. You can choose to go directly to 'Create Briefing' to begin adding coverage manually, or use the 'Quick Create' option to setup some initial information using the selected template.

3) Your new Briefing will utilize the formatting and components from the saved template you chose to use. You can then update the Briefing by adding coverage, making formatting changes, or adding additional components as you desire. Saved Templates make it easy to re-use content you have already worked on and save you time creating new Briefings.

Creating A Saved Template

Once you have saved a Briefing, you will see the option to save as template at the bottom of the screen. You will then get the option to use it next time.

Saved templates retain all the settings that you apply – sections, layout, custom style, filters, metadata etc.

Saved coverage sections are saved but the mentions themselves are not kept. Automatic coverage sections do retain the topics applied to them, which can be swapped if required in the new briefing.

Copy a Past Briefing

1) Select 'Copy a Past Briefing' and then find the name of the Briefing that you want to re-use, select it, then click "Create Briefing".

2) This action makes a copy of the Briefing and puts it in draft mode. Give it a new name and Save as Draft.

3) Make as many changes as you need to. While on edit mode, you can do the following actions: 

  • Remove selected clip(s) from the Briefing

  • Move selected clip(s) up or down

  • Move selected clip(s) from one section to another 

  • Or even add a new section!

4) Don't forget to save your changes to Draft and hit Send when you're ready! 

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