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How do I download mentions?

Exporting your Media coverage to an excel file

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To export your mentions in to an excel file you will first need to save the mentions to a folder, you can then download the saved mentions in to a .csv excel file.

​Step 1. Saving your mentions to a folder

1.1. Open a saved topic and select your mentions that you wish to export. Select the coverage either by clicking on "Select all" or individually selecting the mentions by checking the boxes on the left of each mention.

1.2. Save the mentions either to a new folder or to an existing folder.

​Option 1: To save to a new folder, type in the name of your new folder and click on create Folder [FOLDER NAME], then click on the save mentions Icon

Option 2: To save to an existing folder, select an already created folder in the dropdown then click on the save mentions Icon.

​Step 2. Downloading the saved mentions.

2.1. From the drop down click on Saved Coverage/Folders to see your saved mentions.

2.2. Click on Bulk Actions

2.3. On the bulk actions window > Select your folder with the saved coverage > Select a date range (if applicable) > Click Export.

The CSV file will be downloaded.

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