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What is Image Monitoring?
What is Image Monitoring?
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Agility's Image monitoring goes beyond text-only media monitoring with a new kind of search capability that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the content of images. 

Our image search option can identify objects or logos within an article's image, and use metadata to determine the image's content. This means that Agility can return articles to you based on the image content alone.

It is also worth noting that Agility's classic text-based search results will also display any accompanying images within your platform.

As an example, the article below does not contain a text match for my search term "Samsung Galaxy Fold", which I am specifically interested in news images of:

However, the article image itself is of a Samsung Galaxy Fold and so Agility was able to return the article as a mention of interest to me.

When you hover over an image and you will see an enlarged version of the picture along with a list of labels or metadata associated with the image.  The keywords that were used to find the image are highlighted. If an image is no longer available or has been removed from the associated website, a message saying “Image is no longer available from source” will be displayed.

How to use Image Monitoring

Creating an image searching Topic is the same as a text search. Simply click the Images radio button to specify that you'd like Agility to search images.

Important Notes

  • Image monitoring is currently only available for mentions of the media type online.

  • Topics searching for images will only consider relevant keywords in image metadata, and not text that appears alongside the image in a mention.

  • Best practice: Keep your image search keywords simple! There are less overall mentions to 'pull' from compared to traditional keyword searches. For this reason, eliminating irrelevant mentions is less of a concern while ensuring you find all relevant mentions can be a challenge.

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