AVE stands for Advertising Value Equivalency which is an assigned monetary value representing the value of gained media coverage based on an advertising rate equivalent. Currently Agility displays AVE in US$.

Every mention generated by a topic search will display an AVE within the Mention Information visible to the right of the screen when viewing your results.

Agility PR Solutions’ database hosts an incredibly large variety of data on an array of publications, news outlets and other media sources such as websites, blogs, broadcast stations, magazines and newspapers. We consistently evaluate our publication and outlet data to ensure the utmost reliability, and publications are consistently reviewed by Agility PR Solutions’ team of media experts. In order to calculate AVE we subscribe to a variety of data providers in North America and the UK, and employ different formulae depending on the media type and the nature of the coverage.

If you would like the details of how exactly we calculate AVE, please contact our Agility Support team to discuss.

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