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How to create, add, or import media mentions to your monitoring account
How to create, add, or import media mentions to your monitoring account

Manually add a clip in your Saved Coverage

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Agility allows you to manually add an article to your Saved Coverage or Folder.  Here's how: 

1) In Monitor, go to Saved Coverage/Folder section.   On the right-hand panel, make sure that the plus (+) icon called "Create Mention" is selected, then click "Create Mention."

2) On the window that appears, enter or select the information associated with the article you wish to add. As you can see in the screenshot, there are many media types available, including 11 social media sites.

For social media mentions, you can apply engagement data.

That's it! You have now added an article. Please note that when creating the mention, you may also apply a tag. If you create a mention while viewing a folder, the newly created mention will automatically apply to the folder. You can learn more about how to organize your saved mentions here. You can also view this article in your "Saved Coverage/Folders" and add to your Briefings or Reports. 

You can also import media mentions en masse.

To import mentions, you need your monitoring content within a .csv file, which you can import.

You can specify folders and tags that you wish to save the imported mentions to.

As you import the .csv file, you are asked to map the columns in you file to the fields in Agility.

In the import below, summarised across 2 screenshots, I have mapped the fields indicated.

If any of your entries do not have a value for the chosen fields, you can specify a Fallback Value for each field. When you are ready, click Import.

Any additional questions?  Chat with us or contact 

Important Note: We also offer a Chrome Extension which can be used to add missed coverage to your Agility account, and may be more efficient than the process above. More on this option can be found here. Once again, while it is unlikely, if you find coverage is missed frequently, we strongly encourage you to notify our Support Team or your Client Success Specialist so we may assist in the implementation of a long-term solution.

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