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How to update the sentiment or edit a mention in your monitoring results
How to update the sentiment or edit a mention in your monitoring results

How to interpret sentiment or make changes to an article

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The engine which delivers content from our sources to the Agility platform determines sentiment based on the terms used in the article. It is approximately 70% accurate.

Sentiment is determined by a program that finds designated keywords or phrases . From there it looks at the words in their proximity. The surrounding words have an associated value based on what is considered "positive" or "negative". The program doesn't understand sarcasm, cadence or humour.

Sentiment is only used for English, Spanish and French content. 

In Agility Monitor, you have the ability to adjust the sentiment or edit a clip once it has been saved to your 'Saved Coverage/Folder'.  Here's how: 

  1. Go to Saved Coverage/Folders and select the clip that you wish to update. 

2) Click the "Edit Mention" button that is located by your chat icon, down your right hand panel. 

3) The above action will open the "Edit Mention" window. At this point, you can edit any field you wish to edit or update the Sentiment of the clip. Click "I agree" to accept the Terms and Conditions and Save Changes. 

That's it! You have now updated the article. When you view this article in your "Saved Coverage/Folders" or in newly created Briefings, you'll see the changes reflected. 

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