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How do I show or hide similar articles?
How do I show or hide similar articles?

How to group similar articles together or hide duplicates

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Agility harvests content from several monitoring providers in order to maximise the coverage that your topics receive.

Online articles are de-duplicated before they display in Agility, so if we get the same article from more than one of our providers you should only see one example. 

Often multiple sources display articles that are identical in terms of content, or one publication may republish an article with a new timestamp. These articles would all show in Agility, even though it looks like the same article repeated.

Agility lets you group them together to view or hide similar articles and show only one version of a story. 

Here's how: 

a) Go to your search results, click on the filter icon, and select "Similar" from the drop-down menu.

b) To show and group together similar articles, ensure "Show" is ticked, click Group "ON" and "Apply."  This action will nest or group together online articles with identical content.  

c) The "Hide" option hides online articles that have similar text regardless of outlet, media type, etc.  This does not apply to print content.

You can also select to Hide Similar Mentions at the point of creating or editing the topic search criteria, using the appropriate box in the bottom right-hand panel.

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How does it work?

Agility will look at the headline and content of a mention. If two articles have an identical headline, and enough of the content in a mention is the same, those articles will be determined to be similar. Mentions with the same headline are now found to be similar 97% of the time. We made some changes to this feature on August 26th, 2021, so mentions prior to that date are 13% less likely to be recognized as similar by Agility. We are always interested in your feedback, so if you find any instances of Agility misidentifying mentions as similar, or maybe missing similar mentions, please let us know!

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