Agility seamlessly lets you interact with your topic searches in one window without navigating in and out of the page. 

To make changes to an existing topic, go to Monitor and select Topics. 

To delete, simply click the "bin" icon across the topic name.  A pop-up window will then appear to confirm if you want to delete the topic.

To edit, either click on the "pencil" icon across the topic name or click "Edit topic" at the bottom of the search page, apply your changes, and take any of the following actions:

Search - lets you search for updated results
Save Changes - lets you save your changes under the same topic name
Save as New Topic - lets you save the changes as a new topic without affecting the original topic set-up
Undo All Changes - disregard all unsaved changes

You are all set!

If you have any questions or need additional clarifications, feel free to chat with us or contact  We are happy to help!

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