We set our Support team the challenge of building the ideal targeted list for a client launching a children's travel accessory. 

Of course, there are many ways to build a list, but perhaps the following approach could be applied to your objectives too...

  • Read the release. Identify themes, potential keywords and targeting subjects. Personal or unique names, such as company executives and company names, can sometimes bring back some highly targeted and relevant results when used in Agility's keyword search. Drawing from an archive of millions of articles and blog posts, the keyword search capability lets you pinpoint journalists who have written about anything that matters to you.

  • A useful keyword search does not have to generate a lot of results. A single result may be as useful as 10 contacts on a Subject search if you've found exactly the right person. Most likely, you'll generate a list of specialised journalists and bloggers likely to be interested in your release. Try out a few Keyword Searches, use the subject filter to identify any that write about subjects we’re trying to target, check for relevant profiles and outlets. Save the journalists you like to a new list. We’re underway!

  • Return to Discover Contacts and use Agility's subjects to create even more results. you could consider a People search, an Outlet search or both. For this exercise, we looked to target individual people. That way we can claim to have provided a highly-targeted and direct email list. Add and remove subjects as you see fit to control the number of results. You may get a better targeted set of results if you apply subjects to the people and the outlets they write for. For example, in the subjects field for People, select subjects related to children and parenting and in the Outlet subject field select multiple subjects related to Travel and Tourism. You could even try switching the subjects between People and Outlets to see what results are generated. 

  • For geography, use the Covering Area field under Outlets. Instead of searching for global, which would dramatically expand the results, try limiting the search to your core markets and languages. You could then do separate searches for the same criteria covering wider regions and select a number of results from the top outlets. 

  • Review your results to get a feel of the type of contacts/outlets that the criteria generated. We will hopefully see that the criteria produced some relevant publications. 

  • If you save your results as a list, you can then consider filtering out by geography, language, media type, job roles, etc. or by subjects. By filtering to show contacts that also cover subjects such as Wine or Golf, for example, you can isolate and remove any contacts that do not write exclusively about about travel or children and so may not be the right fit for your specific release. To do this, make sure you're working on a saved list, apply filters based on subjects you do not want to see and then delete the contacts that show up when the filters are applied.

  • At this point, you may want to supplement your People list with an Outlet list to cover all bases. The same search and filtering criteria can apply, and you can consider sending to the primary news contacts and newsdesks of key publications.

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