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Create Coverage Alerts to see your mentions as they happen
Create Coverage Alerts to see your mentions as they happen
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Agility can email you and your colleagues with updates on the results from your monitoring topics or subscriptions as and when the results are generated. This is especially useful if you need to be made aware of mentions immediately, for example if you have an event or product launch going on, or need to stay on top of a fast moving story.

To create a Coverage Alert, first make sure that you have a saved topic or subscription that will generate some results. Then navigate to 'Coverage Alerts' and 'New Coverage Alert' within Monitoring.

The default components for a Coverage Alert are the header image, date and title, highlighted below. Each of these is customisable by clicking the pencil icon in the top right of each component, and you can also add a text component to the alert email.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can specify the topic, subscription, social topic or theme for the coverage alert. This is where the results contained in your alert will come from.

You can use the source filter function to generate alerts with specific attributes, such as keywords within a topic, or mentions from specific outlets, or a specific sentiment.

You can create and customize alerts with very specific formatting and styles using the customization tools available, which allow you to specify styles and content for the alert components....

and you can style the mentions sections within each alert.

Once you have decided upon the appearance of your alert and the source, you can specify the delivery details such as the email subject line, who the email is coming from and who it is going to. You can also select whether you would like alerts to continue indefinitely or if you'd like them to be sent only within a specified time period.

Once you're happy with how your alert is set up, click 'Save as Draft' and then 'Activate' when you are ready.

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