Agility’s keyword search enables you to search billions of past articles for journalists covering the topics important to you, by matching your search terms to their exact content. This means that you can identify who is writing about new or niche topics, specific industries or competitors, and also non-traditional journalists in our media list – like bloggers or Influencers – who may not cover a traditional beat or subject.

Step 1. Click on the Discover Contacts option, and change the parameter to KEYWORDS on the search page.

Step 2. Type any single word or phrase that is important to you (remember, It doesn’t have to be an Agility subject) for example "staycation". [Press enter on your Keyboard]

Step 3. Click ‘VIEW RESULTS’ 

Step 4. You can now see a list of journalists that have recently published content with the term "staycation" included in their articles. These results come from the billions of articles being picked up by Agility’s media monitoring tool. 

All of Agility's results filters are available for you to further hone in on the contacts you have discovered using our monitoring power. In this example, I have filtered the results to contacts whose Agility subjects include Travel and Tourism.

So now I have a list of Travel and Tourism writers that have recently published content specifically using the word "staycation".

Step 5. In the ACTIONS drop down, you can choose to save these contacts as a list (new or existing), save the search criteria or you can distribute directly to these contacts.

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