Once a Newsroom article is retracted, you'll notice you can no longer make edits or updates, nor is there an option to republish.  If after retracting a story you choose to re-publish, you may follow the steps below to do this.

Step 1: Within the Newsroom, click on "New Story"

Step 2: Under "Choose existing content to amplify", find your retracted post, click on it, then click "use selected".  In the screenshot below, the content titled "test retracted" is a retracted Newsroom post.

Step 3: Make any edits or updates you wish, then click "Save as draft" in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 4: Publish!

Please note that if you wish to make edits and simply update a Newsroom story, you can do this without retracting!  Simply make your edits to your published story, then click "Update".

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