Before getting into how to change the URL, let's first look at how the URL works.  For every Newsroom article published, there is a URL automatically created which you may use to share on your website, blog, or social media to get more eyes on your release.  This URL is created based on your headline, and is then followed by a number which is the total count of articles on our Newsroom.  This ensures the URL is always unique.  The format is as follows:

To change the URL, we are limited in options but can play with the headline.  We'll use the fact that you can edit and update Newsroom articles once published.  Please use the below 6 steps to change the URL.  I'll use an example for illustrative purposes.


Let's say we have a headline, "British PM Theresa May asks to delay Brexit until June 30, denies plans for 2nd referendum."  That gives us the URL, which cuts off an operative word of the headline.  As you can see, the URL doesn't communicate much. We can change this URL to  That communicates the core point the article a user is directed to will address.


Step 1: Draft your Newsroom article/release as you normally would

Step 2: Type in the headline component what you wish the URL to be.

Step 3: Save as draft, then publish.

Step 4: Save this URL!  This is the URL you wish to use to share your release.

Step 5: Edit the headline to be what you wish the actual headline to be.

Step 6: Click "Update".

You'll see a new reserved URL after making this update, but URL saved in step 4 can still be used to access and share your Newsroom article.

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