Amplify is the part of Agility you'll use to get your message out to the world.  Amplify was created to make it easier for you to earn media coverage through three core tools: Email Distribution, Newsroom and Newswire.

Under 'Amplify', you'll see four options:

  1. Create Email Distribution

  2. Manage Email Distributions

  3. Newsroom

  4. Newswire

Create Email Distributions

The Email Distribution tool allows you to send emails to contacts you either find in the Agility database, or add yourself as a private contact.  See this guide for step by step details on how to send Email Distributions.

Manage Email Distributions

On this page, you can see all Email Distributions you have drafted, scheduled or sent.  For those drafted, you can make further edits and continue the process where you left off.  For those scheduled, you may still edit, reschedule or cancel.  For those sent, you can access reports to analyze how your Email Distribution was received by recipients and gauge it's effectiveness.


The online newsroom is another new way you can amplify your reach within Agility. By posting stories in the Agility Newsroom you’ll have greater online visibility and get an SEO boost to help reach a broader audience.

This feature gives your story a long-term home and a shareable link to make it easier for your content to be discovered and shared by your target audience, journalists, and search engines.

And the best part is that posting to the newsroom is completely free of charge.

See this guide on how to post stories to the Agility Newsroom here.


This tool can be used to distribute press releases via newswire directly from Agility.  Using this process, you can easily 'build' your press release in Agility, then have it distributed through our partner Accesswire.  Prior to it's distribution, your newswire will be reviewed by an editor and you will be contacted if necessary.

See this guide to learn how to send a release to the Newswire.

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