Online and Digital
These figures refer to unique monthly visitors of the publication's website. Agility sources this data from ComScore, an industry standard for monthly unique visitor values.


Circulation figures represent a monthly total. Where publications have a more or less frequent publication schedule, the figures are calculated pro-rata to arrive at a monthly total. Circulation values are obtained by Agility's internal Research group.


For TV and radio programs the audience figures represent viewers or listeners and are calculated per 60-minute segment or show.

The figures are supplied by our various broadcast monitoring vendors directly, or Agility sources the average reach and ad value for each station using publicly available information.


For social media, Agility uses the aggregate follower total of the outlet for the potential audience.

These figures can be found on contact and outlet profiles under "Audience Reach." Depending on the medium of the contact or outlet, you'll find numbers for unique visitors, social media followers, print circulation, television viewers, and radio listeners.

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