When putting together your Newswire in Agility, you may have some requests that don't necessarily have fields or options built within our software.  You may use the "Notes for Editor" to communicate these points to the individual that will review your release prior to publishing. You can find the "Notes for Editor" section at the bottom of the menu on the right hand side of your Newswire screen:

In this box, you can type any request you wish.  Please remember that not all requests can be fulfilled.  This only guarantees the editor will see your noted request, not that your request will be fulfilled.  Below are some examples of what you may want to note:


Do you want sub-headlines in your release?  Although there isn't a field  (or 'component') in Agility for this, you may request one through the Notes for Editor.  Type all headlines, including sub-headlines, in the headline section, then simply explain what part of the headline you'd like to show as the sub-headline in the Notes for Editor.

Request a Call

Would you like to the editor to give you a call before your release is sent?  If you want to confirm formatting, images, etc., you may submit that request for a call in the Notes for Editor.

Request Wire to be Published Prior to Scheduled Time

When submitting a wire in Agility, the earliest you may schedule it to send is 75 minutes ahead of the current time.  If you would like to send sooner, you may leave a note making this request.

Please remember these requests are simply that, requests, and that there is no guarantee these will be fulfilled.  To ensure the best outcome, please use Agility for all you can, and only make additional requests where absolutely necessary.  We are, however, eager to please and do what we can to accommodate your requests!

If you have any questions when putting together your Newswire, we have an article which outlines the whole process here.  If you have any questions beyond that, or on entering your Notes for Editor, please feel free to contact us.  We're happy to help!

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