One of Agility's newest features enables you to amplify your press release distribution by using our Newswire service.

We can distribute over a wide variety of global circuits, depending on your requirements. If you are looking to reach the US, Canada, the UK, or North America as a whole, you can use the Agility platform to submit your order. If you need to distribute outside the US, Canada or the UK, please submit your release using this form for us to handle on your behalf.

Accessing the Newswire
Access is gained through the Amplify drop-down menu:

Create a new order by clicking on 'New Press Release'.

Create a new press release or select from your existing content (previous email distributions, newsroom stories or wire releases).

Creating a New Press Release - Content

The Newswire editor has several fields for you to populate. Consider the following points when completing them:

Name your Press Release: This is an internal name to help you identify the task later.

Headline: Type or paste your press release headline here.

UK wires must have a headline no longer than 50 characters. 

US wires must have a headline no longer than 300 characters. 

Company name: The organisation that is the source for the release or that the release is about .

Body: The main body of the release. Paste the main body of your content directly into this field. Images and tables cannot be included in the body. Images and a company logo can be attached in their specific fields.

The beginning of each release should begin with a dateline containing the date and location of the story in the following format:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada / April 12, 2020 (include provinces/states for North America)
Lichfield, United Kingdom / April 12, 2020 (no states, counties etc outside NA)

Additional components:

Images, Videos and Company logo: Up to ten images can be added to your release PLUS one company logo, which can be added in its own field on the right hand side. You can also embed up to ten video links in your story using the video field. Note: You cannot attach or upload a video in Agility. Videos are embedded by including a link to the site that they are hosted on (e.g. YouTube).

Contact, About Us and Links can be completed, or the information can also be kept in the body field.
Additional text blocks can be used to keep content separate from the main body. Up to 10 of these can be added.

Creating a New Press Release – Distribution Details

Distribution region:The number and type of distributions available are shown alongside the editor. You should select which distribution you would like.
If you need to distribute outside the US, Canada or the UK, please submit your release using this form for us to handle on your behalf.

Scheduling:  In selecting a time for distribution, you must allow 75 minutes for the wire team to review it and publish it. If you want ASAP distribution, or to place a release On Hold for Call, select a time at least 75 minutes from now and use the Notes to Editor field to specify the requirements to our editorial team.

Additional Information: Select an industry to apply to this list, which will help with targeting.

You can also provide a metadata description – a summary of the release which will show up on search engine results pages. The character limit for this is 200 characters.

Contact Information:This is for our editorial team to contact you if they wish to query or check any details of the order. The information given here can be different to the media contact given in the release content. It will not be made public. 

Notes to editor:The editor referred to is our copy editor – these notes will not be made public. Place any relevant instruction or request here, such as a request for ASAP distribution, or to place a release On Hold for Call.

To read more on the best practices for this field, read this article here:

When you are satisfied with your release, select ‘Save as Draft’ and then ‘Submit for Review’ when you’re ready to send to our editorial team.

A summary of the order is provided, and to continue you must accept two sets of terms.

It is worth noting the contact details for the wire client services team:
(001)-888-952-4446 x1 or 

Release confirmation, making updates and retractions

Once you have submitted a release, you will be able to preview it. You will also receive an order confirmation by email.

Updates to releases cannot be made within Agility, other than to retract an order. To retract an order in Agility, enter the release task within the Newswire section of Agility, and then select 'Retract' at the mid-to-right hand foot of the page

To make updates to releases or to retract a release going out within 60 minutes, contact the editorial team directly on (001)-888-952-4446 x1 or 

Once a release has been distributed, reporting statistics will be made available within the Agility platform. Each submitted task will show the button 'View Statistics'. leading you to your specific order.

Any questions will be welcome at

Please note: Before submitting a press release for wire distribution, you will need to purchase a wire package, or single wire from your Agility PR Solutions Account Manager. If you aren't sure who that is, visit for contact details or to fill in a form to request follow up. 

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