How do I post to the Agility Newsroom?
Using Amplify to share content
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One of Agility's newest features enables you to post new or existing content on to Agility's publicly accessible Newsroom:

This is a great way to expand upon your distribution, give your content a permanent home, and it's completely free of charge.

Accessing the Newsroom
You can access the Newsroom from the "Amplify" drop-down menu here.

Create a new story for the Newsroom by clicking here on 'New Story'.

Selecting a Story to Amplify

Create a brand new story to publish or select from your existing content (previous email distributions or newsroom stories). Existing content distribution names are shown on the left, the type of distribution on the right.There is also a search bar.

Select your chosen release and click ‘Use Selected’:

Reviewing the content

If you choose to amplify a previous email distribution, content from your chosen release will populate into the Name, Headline and Body fields.

Company Name, Dateline location and date and Contact Details will need to be added.

Ten images per distribution can be populated – images from the original release will auto-populate or new images can be browsed in. You can also add a company logo.

A user can choose to add sections containing Text (separate from the main body), Links or an About Us section. Content from the body can be moved to populate these sections.

Users can apply a relevant subject to categorize the release.

Saving a Draft and Publishing

When you are satisfied with your release, select ‘Save as Draft’. This will generate a Reserved URL. Once saved, the Publish button will present itself. You can publish now, or come back to the saved draft later. By selecting to Publish, you are asked to agree to the terms first. Your release will post to the newsroom immediately. 

Updating and Retracting

If you need to change any content, simply click into the section you need to change, make the change and select ‘Update’. The updated version will be saved, and you are invited to publish again.

Only select Retract if you wish to permanently remove the story. Retracted stories cannot be edited or re-published.

Asking for Support

Whenever you use email distribution in Agility, you will be invited to amplify your release using the Newsroom. You can either follow the steps above or ask for Agility Support to handle the process for you.

Any questions will be gratefully received at


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