How do I manage my targeted lists?
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Click on Discover > Targeted lists.

You’ll see a main Targeted Lists index page with all lists you have created in Agility, categorized by list name, when it was created and last modified, who created it, the number of contacts contained within the list, and any tags associated with it.

From here, you can:

  • Click the individual list name to see full details and make any edits.

  • Filter your lists using the options in the left-hand column; make sure “Filter by Type” (at the top) is set to “Targeted Lists.

  • Search within your lists using the Search bar at the top

  • Check the box at the left of any list and then click the green “Actions” dropdown menu for further options such as: distributing via email, copying the selected, assigning the selected to tags, suggesting new contacts or outlets, or deleting the selected

  • Import contacts or create a new list by also clicking the “Actions” dropdown menu

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