The most established way of building HTML emails is with the use of tables, particularly if you are incorporating images with text, i.e. wrapping text around images.

This article explains how to wrap text around an image with the use of tables. 

PLEASE NOTE: Open a blank word document and always switch to Web layout. Click View > Web Layout.

Step 1. Click Insert > Table > select and insert a 1x4 table:

Step 2. Adjust the table width to 800px width. Right click on table > Table Properties > Insert “800px” > OK:

Step 3. Based on where you would like to place the image, split a single row in to 2 cells. Right click in the row > Split cell > 2 columns > OK:

Step 4. Insert image into one of the split cells depending on where you would like the image to be placed:

Step 5. Adjust the width of the image cell by dragging the vertical line closer to the image:

Step 6. Insert text content into the surrounding cells:

Step 7. Remove table Borders. Right click on table > Table properties > Table tab > Borders and shading > None > OK:

Step 8. The press release is now ready for upload to Agility!:

At this point, the release should format well on email.  Always remember to double or triple check your distributions with test emails!

PLEASE NOTE: Additional rows and split cells can be inserted to initial table creation to insert more images with wrap text.

If you have any questions on formatting your distribution, please reach out to us for assistance as we'd be happy to help!

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