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How can I submit a request to Agility's Media Research Team?
How can I submit a request to Agility's Media Research Team?

How to submit a request to Agility's Media Research Team.

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Here at Agility, we strive to grow our database and maintain the accuracy of it by keeping our listed contacts and outlets as up to date as possible.  However, as with any database, there will be the odd contact or outlet you notice to be missing, or a record that is out of date.  In instances such as these, you can submit a request to our Media Research Team to investigate and add/update the contact/outlet you point out to us!  Our team will research the contact or outlet to ensure any additions or updates made are done so accurately.

Below, you'll find two sets of instructions.  The first is to request an update to an existing contact or outlet in our database.  The second is how to request a new contact or outlet (that you couldn't currently find in Agility) be added to Agility's database.

If you prefer, you can reach out to us on Support to make these requests, and we can liaise with the Media Research Team to see your request is fulfilled. 

To request a contact or outlet currently in Agility be updated:

Step 1.  Navigate to the contact or outlet profile in Agility.

Step 2. Select "ACTIONS" > "ADD DETAILS"

Step 3. Complete the form that pops up with any updates you wish to provide in the 'Comments for Media Research' field. You can update contact details such as phone number, email, websites, request to add or remove subjects covered by the contact or outlet, etc.

Step 4. Once you have entered the details you wish to be investigated or confirmed by our Media Research Team, click on "SUBMIT REQUEST".

To request a new contact or outlet be added to Agility:

Step 1.  On any page of Agility, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Add New Contact or Outlet" found in the "Support" column of the footer.

Step 2. At the top of the form that pops up, select "Contact" or "Outlet" depending on your request.

Step 3. Populate the form with the information you have.  For Contacts, the required fields are: first name, last name, outlet name, country of origin, email and country.  for Outlets, outlet name, email and country are required.

Step 4. Scroll down and select "Send to Media Research" to complete the request!

Important to note: To keep these updates for your own records, and not send a request to the Media Research Team, please click the little 'eye' icon in the field you update.  When there is a slash through the eye (as in the image below), that update will not be sent to our Media Research Team and will be private to your account only.  In this case, the "Send to Media Research" button at the bottom of the page effectively becomes a "Save" button.

You may also always reach out to your Account Manager or Support Specialist directly with any research requests and they'll be happy to assist.

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