You can add an email address, telephone number, or other contact information to an Agility contact and keep that information private to your account.

1. First, go to your contact's Agility profile page. You can either click on their name from a previously created search or target list, or find them using the quick search bar.

2. From the contact profile page, click Update contact".

3. The Update Contact window let's you update or add a variety of relevant contact details to the media contact. In this case, we'll add a private email address for this person. In the section under Email, click on "add another email"

You can now type in the new email address for this contact.

4. By clicking on the eye icon, you can keep that detail private and available only to your Agility account. The slash over the eye icon means that email address will not be visible to other Agility clients. This applies as well to the other fields that have the eye icon.

5. If you decide to use this new private email address for your distributions, click on the radio button under Primary so Agility will use this address over the previous default email.

Once you're done with your updates, scroll to the bottom of the window and click on "Send to Media Research"

A confirmation window will then be displayed so you can verify your changes.

Back at the contact's profile page, you can now see the new email address you just added. It will have the slashed eye icon to indicate it is private to your account and the label "Distribution" which means it will be the one used when the contact is included in your distributions.

Please note that the target list will still show the default address for the contact you edited. When the Agility distribution is sent out, however, the Distribution email address will supersede the default address. This applies even to target lists created earlier.

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