You can use our training calendar to schedule a free live session with one of our Support Specialists. 

Go to our training calendar by clicking here.

You may choose from any of the available schedules that is convenient for you. These can be structured sessions that walk you through Agility's various features or a Q&A session that focuses on your particular requirements.  

Once you have signed up for a training schedule, our Support Specialist will get in touch with you to confirm the meeting details as well as to find out what topics to cover for your session.

Another way you can learn more about Agility's various features is the collection of guides which you can reach via the chat option on Agility. This allows you to search for articles that address specific questions on how to use the platform. 

Just start a new conversation and type in your question or keywords related to your concern in the Help Center search box. This will bring up a list of relevant articles that might have the information you need.

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