Go to the Account drop-down menu at the far top right of your screen and click General Preferences.

From here, you can select from different preferences and settings in the menu on the left. Options cover General, People & Outlets, Topic Coverage, Email Distribution, Social Accounts and Clipbooks.

General regards the display of times and dates within Agility, and the language version you're using.

People and outlets allows you to customize the number of results you see on a targeting results page, as well as to customize the columns of information on each contact. When editing your columns of data, you’ll see a window with available and selected columns. Click to make your selections in “Available Columns,” then click “Add” to add them to “Selected Columns.” Click the green “Save and Apply Selections” button at the bottom to finish. You can also multi-select by using the blue “Select All” link.

Topic Coverage allows you to, amongst other things, to specify your monitoring sources and media types.

Email Distribution allows you to set a default for your email distributions, including the 'from' name, additional emails to cc, and the reply-to email.

Social Accounts allows you to connect your Agility account to your Twitter account.

Clipbooks allows you to set defaults for your clipbooks, including how the clips are displayed, how they are organized and sorted, and some other customizable features of clipbooks.

Note: after you make any changes to your General Preferences, they will automatically be saved before you leave the page.

You can read more in-depth about these defaults in this article.

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