Under Discover and Amplify, we share lists, searches, distributions and more with colleagues by applying tags to them.  In Monitor, topics, briefings and more are automatically shared between users on an account.

Under Discover and Amplify, tags can be used to share your work with colleagues, firstly by selecting them as your collaborators for the Tag created, then assigning the tag to the Agility content you want to share with them. When they sign into the account, they will see the content you have shared/tagged. You can also create multiple tags and use them as folders to organise your Agility content into different projects.

Step 1.  Click on Account > Tags > Create a new Tag

Step 2. Give your Tag a name > Save Tag

Step 3. Click on the name of the Tag to assign collaborators.

Step 4. Select your collaborators from the list.

Step 5. Now you can start assigning your work to this tag. I.e. to Tag your Targeted lists click on Discover > Targeted lists > Select the list you wish to assign to this tag > Actions > Tag selected

Step 6. Partially type in your Tag name and select from the drop down.

Step 7. Click Tag

List has now been tagged and collaborated with your colleague/s.

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