Agility provides several options regarding your Twitter account and the Influencer Streams. You have the ability to use a lot of the functionality in Twitter directly within your Agility account. This saves you from working within two platforms and gives you the functionality to work within one. 

You will need to ensure that your Twitter account is connected to your Agility account. This is done within the Account drop down and by clicking into General Preferences. 

You will need to scroll down to the Social Accounts section of the General Preferences. There will be an option to "Add account" beside the Twitter Accounts. This is where you will follow a couple steps to set up the connection between your Twitter account and Agility account.

 Once the connection is established, you will be ready to engage with your Twitter account within Agility. 

Upon doing a "list" or "keyword" search you will see activity come into the stream from Twitter which is identified with their logo. There will also be options underneath the content. The options you have to work from are replying, retweeting, and liking. 

The selection of one of these options will link directly to your Twitter account and ultimately help streamline your process.

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