When working on a query in the Discover portion of Agility, all of the criteria fields available will exhibit an "OR" behaviour in their logic by default.  For example, if we enter into the "writing about" field the subjects of "Healthcare" and "Cardiology", the results would display contacts who have an interest in either one of the subjects, as well as both of them if applicable. It's Healthcare or Cardiology, but not necessarily both.

If we were looking to find results where both subject matters are covered by a contact, we can achieve that by following these simple steps.

  1. Start by first limiting our search initially to one subject matter.

2. On the corresponding results page, we'd then look to the options available to use in the Filter By Subject box found on the left side of the page.

Applying one of these filters to the initial results from our one subject matter would impose the same logic as the Boolean "AND" condition to the corresponding results.  The top 5 subject matters will be listed with the number of contacts they apply to, however you can either type a subject into the field at the bottom or bring up a browsing window from it as well.
By selecting Healthcare here, we now have a search for contacts that write about Cardiology AND Healthcare.

Once you are done working with the contacts you've isolated and potentially saved, the filter you applied can be reset and you'll revert back to your original batch of results.

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