Alerts give you the ability to stay up to date on the topics you have chosen to monitor. Setting up alerts is done after you have established the certain topics of your choice. 

The first step in setting up an alert is to navigate to where all your topics are saved. Saved topics will be found under the "Manage" tab and by clicking on "Saved Topics & Topic Alerts". This will pull up a list of all the topics that you have previously saved. 

The option to create an alert will be greyed out until you select a checkbox beside a list. You will need to click on a checkbox to have the ability to create your alert. 

You also have the option to create an alert by simply clicking on the "Create" link beside your desired list. 

There will be two steps to work through upon clicking to create your alert. The first step will be about setting up the name, content, and frequency. It is important to note that you can either set up an individual alert or a batch alert.

Individual = Alerted each time Agility finds content that matches specific topic
Batch = Alerted about several topics in a single email based on set schedule 

A batch alert is the preferred option to not overload your inbox and to keep your updates grouped together. The name, topic, and schedule are all mandatory in order to move forward with setting up the alert. 

The second step is about setting up what content is displayed and who will be receiving the alert. There are several options to choose from on how information will display in the email. This will be set up based on user preference. 

You have ability to send the alert to one or multiple emails. All of the users within your account will be populated and have a checkbox beside them. Simply click on the checkbox beside their email if you would like them to receive the alert. You can also list additional emails in the text box if you'd like the alert to send to someone who doesn't have an Agility account. 

Your alert will then be created after "Create Alert" is clicked and you will receive the alerts based on whatever schedule was set up. 

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