Here are the steps on how to cut your TV or Radio clip and capture the full segment. 

Note: It is important to have your flash enabled before following these steps.

  1. Once you find your clip, click into it to open the Wordplay. 
  2. On the transcripts panel of your screen, highlight the start and end date based on how you gauge it from the transcripts.  Click on the starting text and while pressing shift, scroll down until you find where you think the segment ends.  You don't need to be accurate while in this stage, just gauge where you think the segment starts and ends.  You can adjust your selection or dis-select by clicking on "Reset" at the bottom of the transcript box.  

3) Play the video.  Once it hits the actual clip start point, click on the first bar (as seen below), continue to play it until you reach the end of the segment, then click on the second bar (clip end point.) 

You can move backwards and forwards by navigating the play bar, or hit pause, play, as needed. 

4) When you're happy with your segmented clip, click "Archive Clip" and give it a name.  

Please note a selected clip cannot exceed 10 minutes so if your clip is longer, you will need to do this process more than once and have two (or more) continuing clips covering the full the segment.

5) You can retrieve the cut clip by going to Monitor>Saved Clips.

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