Here are the steps on how to cut your TV or Radio clip and capture the full segment. 

Step One: Once you find your clip, click into it to open the Wordplay Editor. 

Step Two: On the transcripts panel of your screen, highlight the start and end date based on how you gauge it from the transcripts.  Click on the starting text to set the start, then click the finishing text to set the end.  You can also click and drag the green (start) and red (end) markers through the text or along the play selection (under the video) to set the start and end.

Step Three: Play the video and ensure the mention is properly clipped for start and end time. The transcript often won't sync up perfectly with the video itself. If you find this is the case, simply set the start for when the mention begins in the video, and the end appropriately as well.

Step Four: When you're happy with your segmented clip, click "Archive", then in the window that appears give the clip a name. Finally, after agreeing to the terms and conditions, click "Archive" once again.

Please note a selected clip cannot exceed ten minutes. If your clip is longer, simply follow this process to make two (or more) saved clips covering the mention.

Step Five: You can retrieve the cut clip by going to Monitor > Saved Coverage and Folders.

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