You may want to use Agility to monitor the social content of individual accounts. For example, you may wish to see everything that a particular media or industry influencer posts, keep track of your own social posts or those of your competitors.

Below is an explanation of how. Click here if you want a reminder of how subscriptions work to pull in the exact social content you need.

  • Set up a social subscription in Agility. For example, if you want to monitor Tweets from a specific Twitter account, use Twitter handle as the term you're searching for. To do this, select Twitter, enter the handle in the correct box and click 'Save'. Only enter one handle per subscription - if you wish to monitor multiple handles, please create multiple subscriptions.
  • Give the subscription and name and then activate it to instruct Agility to harvest content from that Twitter account.

  • Now you can create a topic which will display the results that subscription is collecting from Twitter.  If you are unfamiliar with topics and how to set them up, please have a look at this article and this section of our Help Center.
  • Your topic does not need any keywords, so you don't need to anticipate what the tweets are going to say. You simply need to specify that you only want to monitor the media type Twitter and only want to see tweets from a specific source- in this case agilitynewsroom. 
  • Results from the chosen Twitter account will now display
  • Repeat the steps if you want to monitor content from other social media accounts. 
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