After sending your Briefing, if you find you need to re-use the format, make some changes or updates, or simply re-send it, you can do so following these simple steps: 

1) In Monitor, select Briefing from the drop-down menu, then click "New Briefing." 

2) On the window that appears, select 'Copy a Past Briefing' and then find the name of the Briefing that you want to re-use, select it, then click "Create Briefing".

3) This action makes a copy of the Briefing and puts it in draft mode. Give it a new name and Save as Draft.

4) Make as many changes as you need to. While on edit mode, you can do the following actions: 

  • Remove selected clip(s) from the Briefing
  • Move selected clip(s) up or down
  • Move selected clip(s) from one section to another 
  • Or even add a new section!

6) Don't forget to save your changes to Draft and hit Send when you're ready! 

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