Keyword groups allow you to combine multiple searches within one topic and can be used when searches start to become more complex. 

In Agility keyword groups are used to create multiple sets of OR or AND operations. 

For example, you want to find articles that talk about either “home learning” or “private tuition”, specifically in relation to “children”, “teenagers” or “adolescents”. 

Using only one keyword group will not work: 

  1. “home learning” OR “private tuition” OR “children” OR “teenagers” OR “adolescents” will return irrelevant articles as it requires only one of these terms to be matched 
  2. “home learning” AND “private tuition” AND “children” OR “teenagers” OR “adolescents” will only return articles that have both “home learning” and “private tuition” in them. 

By creating an additional keyword group you address the limitations of the first two approaches. Results must contain home learning or private tuition (but not necessarily both), and also children, teenagers or adolescents:

(''home learning'' AND ''children'' OR ''adolescents'' OR ''teenagers'' ) OR ( ''private tuition'' AND ''children'' OR ''adolescents'' OR ''teenagers'' 

In Agility this looks like this:

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