If you feel that the text in your email is too small and difficult to read when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, you can use Agility's email editor to mitigate this.

Our UX developer, Zoey Sherry explains how...

"We have added the ability to make your font-size responsive rather than static, by selecting an em unit for your text rather than the traditional static font-size.

You will find the em unit options underneath the font-sizes in the toolbar above the content editor.

Em units represent a percentage of the base font-size, which in Agility we set to 14 pixels on a desktop screen, 16 pixels on a tablet, and 17 pixels on a phone. 1em = 100%, so if a user sets the font size of some text to 1.5 em, then the text will be 21 pixels on a desktop, 24 pixels on a tablet, and 25.5 pixels on a phone. If you wish for your font to appear larger, increase the em unit selection.

It is entirely up to you, but our testing has suggested that setting an em of 1.2 or 1.3 makes text perfectly visible on a phone without making it too large on desktop."

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