Whenever you have a saved topic in Agility, you can create an alert to send you an email whenever your topic generates results.

If you are creating a new monitoring topic, make sure you save it to continue generating results.

If your topic is already saved, you can create an alert from within the topic itself

or by going to Monitor > Topics, selecting your topic and then 'Create an alert with selected'.

Specifying your alert requirements is a simple two step process. You can receive individual alerts, which will send you an email every single time a result is generated, or batch alerts, which will send you an email with up to 100 results daily, weekly or monthly.

You can combine the results from up to 10 topics into one alert to keep track of all  the coverage that you are generating.

Step 2 allows you to include data and charts, and to determine how much of each clip in included in your alerts. You can also decide how to organise your clips and how many you want in each alert. 

Finally, decide who you want your alert to go to. 

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