Agility can monitor for coverage across the whole of Twitter and over 10 million Facebook pages. In order for your topic to monitor these sources in full, it is worth considering turning on Full Twitter and Full Facebook before you save your topic.

It is important to note that your account comes with a limit to the amount of Twitter and Facebook coverage that can be generated each month. The allowances do run into the tens of thousands, but topics monitoring social media can sometimes generate huge volumes, in which case Full Twitter and/or Facebook may switch off and return to what we refer to as a 'curated' feed, which may very well in itself be sufficient for your needs.

The difference between the full and curated feeds is that the former is searching directly from the source (Twitter or Facebook) and will collect anything that matches your search terms, while the default curated feed is searching only against Agility's archive of content which has already been harvested and stored by us.  You will still have access to millions of articles and posts, but you won't cover everything on those platforms unless you turn on the full feeds.

As we always advise, getting a monitoring topic right takes time and perseverance. We advise setting up social media topics separately to your other online, print and broadcast topics, as different search terms may be required to collect coverage. 

Please do experiment with the 'curated' feeds first, to preserve your allowance, and use the full feeds once you have your topics perfected.

Note: Full Twitter and Facebook results will not be retrospectively generated. They will be generated from the point Full Twitter is enabled for the topic and will continue until it is switched off. 

As always, Agility Support will be happy to help with topic creation or with any other queries.

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