Accessing Influencer Streams

You can access the Influencer Streams module from the Engage ‘tab’ on the Agility navigation bar.

Setting up Influencer Streams

With Influencer Streams, you can view streams of journalist and influencer social media activity. Unlike tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, Influencer Streams streamlines your feed so you only see relevant tweets from journalists, not anyone with a Twitter handle.

You can create a new stream and see all Twitter and Instagram posts from a specific contact list or see which journalists are writing about keywords important to you. You can create up to 4 streams at once. If you have a Monitoring subscription, you will also see online media coverage.

· Target Lists
Choose one of your saved contact lists and the stream will be populated by the social media activities of journalists in that list.

· Keyword Search
Search by keyword and the stream will populate with journalist tweets that mention that term.

The Content Stream

  • See stream of activity in ‘real-time’.
  • Sorted chronologically with the newest posts appearing at the top of the list.
  • Each stream will be “infinitely” scrollable to the point, so you can look back at previous posts.
  • As new content becomes available, the stream will shift down and an indicator will appear showing to show how many items are in the queue.
  • The user can click on the notice to load the new items.

Social Post Content Cards

Each social media post card will have the following information and actions:

· Quick Info

When a user hovers their cursor over a journalist’s or outlet’s name, a pop-up dialogue will be displayed with a quick view of the journalist's profile.

Profile Image 


Media Acct. Name  


Post Images

Add to List Button(where applicable) 

Source Icon

Time Since Post  

Post engagement Options 

· Turn Images on/off
By clicking on the wrench within a stream, you can turn off or turn on images in the stream. Letting you see more tweets at once, or see the images associated with the posts.

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