You can create a topic coverage report to display the various metrics that can be applied to the results of your monitoring topics.

The ability to create a topic coverage report is available from numerous locations within Agility. 

To access, go to:

  • A saved topic Action Menu > Create Report
  • Measure > Topic Coverage Reports > Create New Report
  • Manage > Saved Topics > Action Menu > Create Report

Step 1: Set-up Topic Coverage Report:

Name Report

Brand the report with a logo using Browse Computer for Image (Optional)

Select up to 10 topics to include in the report for comparison.

Specify a time-frame to run the report (up to 6 months in advance)

Assign tags (Optional)

Step 2: Charts

Select from nine available chart types:

Mentions Over time
Sentiment Breakdown
Share of Voice by Volume of Mentions
Top Social Influencers
Top 5 Sources by Volume
Geography Breakdown by Volume
Total Mentions by Media Type
Total Audience Reach by Media Type
Audience Reach Over Time 

Based on the topic(s) selected, any irrelevant charts will be disabled. For example, if no Twitter is included in selected topics, Top Social Influencers will not be available. The other scenario is, if a single topic is selected, the Share of Voice chart will be disabled.

Once Create New Report has been selected, the report will display in Measure> Topic Coverage Reports where further action can be taken. Based on the number of topics, time-frame and charts selected, processing time may vary.

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