The data within an individual Email Distribution Report is displayed in interactive, easy-to-read charts and graphs, which can be filtered to show data from the first day or the last seven days since the distribution was sent. The metrics included in each report are as follows:

Total Sent – shows the total number of emails that were sent from your list; the number does not include duplicate addresses, which are automatically not sent to by the system.

Delivered – shows the number of emails that successfully made it to the inboxes of the recipients.

Unique Opens – shows the number of emails that were opened by the recipients, as far as we are able to track them. Please do not consider this to be true total number of opens.

Links Clicked – shows the number of times a link in your email campaign was clicked by the recipients.

Unopened – shows the number of emails that we are unable to track an open for.

Unsubscribed – shows the number of recipients who unsubscribed upon receiving this email campaign.

Marked as SPAM – shows the number of recipients whose inboxes marked the email as SPAM. When looking at unsubscribe or SPAM data, you will have the option to select the contacts and remove them from the lists in your account

Undeliverable – shows the number of emails that did NOT successfully make it to the inboxes of the recipients due to a variety of reasons. Invalid email addresses, mail server blocks, marking a message as spam or unsubscribing, a full inbox—any of these events can cause an email to be undeliverable.

Click any of the data points in the charts to drill deeper into the details. For example, in the Overview of Total Sent pie chart, if you click [# of] Undeliverables – Full Report, you’ll be taken to a screen which shows details for the email addresses that were undeliverable.

You can also click the green “Action” button which allows you to download the charts.

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