If you think that there may be some coverage missing from your search results. we recommend that you make the following initial checks:

  1. Check that your current search string has at least one match to the text within the body of the article, and no exclusions.
  2. Ensure that the appropriate media type is selected in the search page.   
  3. Check if the publication is behind a paywall or requires a subscription or login to access. In such cases, unless a portion of the free content is showing and contains at least one of your keywords, the article won't show up in your topic results.  
  4.  If all of the above checked out and you need further support, chat with us or email agilitysupport@agilitypr.com 

Our biggest challenge with capturing web content is that sources might change their layout or coding, or the way that they present text on their pages, which can impact the content that we capture. We welcome feedback and clients can report instances such as missed articles to our team to address.  We are constantly monitoring website changes and improving our web harvesting, but we can never guarantee 100% correct coverage of all content across the world wide web.

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