New mentions from Twitter and Facebook are pulled into the system within moments of them posting on live sites. Other sites (news, blogs, etc.) will be found within minutest. Content from print publications will be posted to Agility as soon as possible, generally within hours of publication.

Whenever you create or revisit a topic and view the results, Agility displays the live matches to your search terms going back 6 months.

The results that you see will always only be able to go back 6 months, irrespective of when you first created the topic. However, you can make sure that the clips you need to make use of are available for longer by saving them to your account. (Some print and broadcast content has other restrictions, please see below).

Select the clips you need and then Save Clips for LaterĀ 

You can save as many clips as you need, and store them for as long as you like. They can then be viewed by tag, topic, date and media type. You can compile your clips into a clipbook and share them with other people. You can even add your own independently sourced clips.

Some print and broadcast clips may only be available for 1 month unless you have an extended access licence with the provider to store them for longer.

Activating Full Twitter will only apply your search terms to Twitter from the time it is turned on in your topic. However, your terms may match Agility-archived historical results and bring in retroactive content too.

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