Whenever you are looking at a set of monitoring results, whether you have saved the topic or not, you can save the clips that you see on the results screen beneath the charts.

You can choose to select up to 200 results per page and you simply need to select the clips you wish to save by ticking the box to the left of each clip.

You can save the clips and add to a clipbook there and then or save clips for later.

Whichever option you choose, the following steps will take you through how to add your saved clips to a clipbook. If you only want to save your clips, you can access them later via Manage > Saved Clips and Clipbooks.

To create a clipbook, go to Manage>Saved Clips and Clipbooks, then choose your selected saved clips by ticking the box beside them. Click "Add To Clipbook."

In the window that appears, choose “Create New Clipbook” if it’s new, or select “Choose from Existing” if you want to add these clips to an existing saved clipbook.

a) If your clipbook is new, give it a name and assign to any tags, if necessary. Then click “Save Clips For Later” to save the clips and be taken to the Manage Clipbooks index page, or click “Continue Clipbook Creation” to open up the clipbook wizard.

b) If you want to save to an existing clipbook, choose any saved clipbook from the drop-down menu. Then click “Save Clips For Later” to save the clips and be taken to the Manage Clipbooks index page, or click “Continue Clipbook Creation” to open up the clipbook wizard. 

When publishing your clipbook, the wizard will take you through the following steps. 

Note: to make it easier when building clipbooks, you can set up default behavior and settings in General Preferences / Clipbook preferences. Click here for additional information or contact us via live chat or email agilitysupport@agilitypr.com for assistance.

Step 1: Establish settings for your clipbook. 

a) Set up the display of your clips by choosing to show headline only, headline and snippet, or full text (for print.) Organize by tag, sentiment, or media type.
sort your clips by one of several options, such as publication date, sentiment, title, etc.

b) Next, choose to include any inline notes or engagement activities.

c) And, add a header image by browsing for one on your computer. You can write a summary of your clipbook as well.

At this point, you can save the clipbook as a draft at the bottom, or click “Next Step” button to continue. If you choose to save as a draft, you can go to the Manage Clipbooks index page to view your saved clipbook.

Step 2: Customize your clipbook

Preview your clipbook
based on the selections you made in Step 1.

a) To remove any clips, click the gray “x” to the right of each one.
b) You can also
move clips up or down, sort, delete, or add a new section.
c) You can also choose to add inline notes after a clip at this point.
d) Click
Next Step to continue.

Step 3: Select Delivery Options

Select from the four delivery options: send as an HTML email, export as a PDF, Word Document, or Excel. 

If sending as an HTML email, simply add a subject and a from name. Then choose the recipients you want to send the clipbook to, and specify the timing of the email at the bottom.

To export as a PDF, Word Doc, or Excel, fill in the cover page information as directed on the screen. 

Click "Create & Publish" to continue.

Step 4: Clipbook Confirmation

The final step shows you a confirmation of the content and details of your clipbook, including when it will be distributed if sending as an HTML email. If you are exporting as a PDF, Word Doc, or Excel, a note at the top will appear letting you know that it will take some time to process, and will be viewable in Manage Clipbooks once ready.

Once you’ve created clipbooks, or saved them in draft form, you can then view in Manage Clipbooks. To access, go to Manage>Saved Clips & Clipbooks then open "Clipbooks" or click here for additional information.

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