In Agility, you have the ability to remove specific sources from your monitoring coverage. This would be something to do when you are getting sources in your results that aren't relevant to your topic or there are known sources that you don't want to appear. 

This is done when setting up or editing your topic search criteria. When on the Monitor 'Search' page, there is a filter panel on the right-hand side which gives you the option to exclude certain sources.

As you can see, you are able to put either the URL, outlet, or author of the source. Agility will then stop any mention of that source appearing from the results. You have the ability to exclude more than one source within the same search. Simply click on Add Source or hit the enter button to populate the source.

This will then add the source and allow you to add another. It is important to make sure you add quotation marks if there is a space in the words that you are excluding from the search. The screenshot below demonstrates what it will look like when there are some populated sources within your search to be excluded. 

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