It is possible that you may be unhappy with the number of people that haven't opened your distribution. This could have been for several reasons, but it may be the timing of your initial release wasn't ideal for the recipients. Agility gives you the ability to see exactly which contacts didn't open your email and work with the data. You also have the ability to copy distributions which have been sent. Both of these come together in a method to re-send press releases to any contacts that didn't open your distribution. 

You will first want to view which contacts didn't open your distribution. This is done by clicking into your Email Distribution Reports which are accessible through the "Amplify" tab along the top.  

Clicking on the "Amplify" tab and "Manage Email Distributions" will direct you to a list of all the distributions that have previously been sent. Simply click into which distribution you would like to view. There will be a tab along the left hand vertical menu for "unopened". This is where you will get the total number and the names of contacts who haven't opened the distribution. Click into this tab to see this information. 

You have the ability to create a list of these contacts from the report. This is the next step in order to re-send your distribution to them. To do so, you will need to check the boxes beside all of the contact names. The quickest way to accomplish this is by clicking the checkbox at the very top of the list, in the row of column headers. After each contact has a checkbox beside them, you will click into the Actions drop down in the top right corner of the report and click "Save Selected as a List".

The option to Create a New List will be the default option. Simply give your list a name and click "Add To List". This will then create a list in your account which can be used for another distribution.

You can then copy the distribution that you'd like to re-send. This is done by first navigating to the list of all your sent email distributions. These are found by clicking into the "Amplify" tab across the top and choosing "Manage Email Distributions".

This will pull up the list of all distributions in your account. Any Sent distributions will have the option to Copy. The option to Copy a distribution is found under the Actions column of the list. You will want to click this and then you will have everything already set up from your initial distribution.

The copied distribution will now appear in this list with a "Copy-" beside the original name. This will be copied in a draft form so you can click into it and make any necessary edits. 

You will want to ensure you direct back to Step 1 and select your newly created list as who you're sending to. The distribution can then be worked through as you normally would, but it will already have everything from Step 2 and Step 3 of the original distribution. Feel free to make any edits or keep it the same before sending it out on Step 4. 

If you would like a refresher on the overall process of how to send a distribution, click this link to see a relevant guide!

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