There are several reasons why you may not be receiving a topic alert. These are listed below along with the action to be taken to address each possible cause. We recommend going through each step sequentially to resolve the issue. We elaborate further on each step later in this document.

Possible reasons:

The topic monitored has no recent mentions

What to do:  No action needed. If your topic generated no results since your last alert, no new alert will be sent. To verify this, open the topic search(es) that the alert is based on and see if it returns any results.

The alert has expired
What to do:  Renew the alert. Alerts automatically expire 9 months after they were first created to keep the system from being overloaded with ongoing alerts that are no longer required. A few days before the alert expires, Agility will send you an email to let you know so you can take action, if needed. Another way to tell when an alert is about to expire is by looking for the small clock icon beside the name of your alert. The presence of the clock icon indicates the alert is close to expiring or has expired. 

If you hover your mouse over the clock icon, a pop-up will give you the option to renew the alert. Clicking on "Renew Now" will restart your alert and keep it running for another 9 months.

The email alerts are going to my junk folder
What to do:  Find the email in the junk folder and mark as "not junk".

The email alerts are blocked by my email system
What to do:  Whitelist Agility IP and email addresses.
it's possible your email admin policy may be keeping the email alerts from getting to your mailbox entirely. You'll need to ask your email administrator to whitelist the IP addresses and as well as the email address:

There is a system error on Agility
What to do:  Contact Agility Support.
Please let us know if you need support with any of the above steps, or if you've tried them all without success.

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