The vast majority of press releases created in Word will carry over to Agility fine, but if you have any concerns, we are happy to help you with formatting. Below are the steps we typically follow to maintain spacing and alignment.

The way your distributions look when they arrive in the inboxes of your targeted recipients will depend on what email client/provider they are using. So in order to optimise your distributions for recipients across all email providers, make sure you format it correctly in Microsoft Word first.

Construct your press release in Word as you would normally do, and be sure not to put anything in the header or footer sections, as these will not be recognised in HTML. Once complete, highlight all of the text and images (by pressing CTRL + A on Windows, or Command + A on a Mac).

Then navigate to the toolbar at the top, and tab over to the Insert tab. From here click on the Table icon, and select 'Insert Table' from the drop-down menu.

Once your content is in a table, go to the bottom pane in Word and switch to the Web Layout view to see what your press release will look like in a HTML format.

You can then make further amendments as you see fit, such as spacing and line breaks, image positioning, and font sizing. You can switch back and forth between the Print and Web Layout views, or choose to work entirely in the Web Layout view.

Always be sure to split the cells in a row, if you have more than one image on the same line (Right-click + select 'Split Cells'). This will allow you to have greater control over how the images are positioned.

Once you're happy with the layout, font sizes, and spacing - now it is time to remove all of the borders in the table. Begin by highlighting the table. you do this by hovering your mouse cursor over the top left corner of the table and Left-click the square icon that appears.

Once highlighted, go back to the toolbar at the top and tab over to the Home tab, and click on the Borders icon. A drop-down menu will appear - select 'No borders'.

Save your document, and then upload it into Agility during the distribution set-up. If you have any additional edits to make, always do it within the Word document and then re-upload it into Agility.

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