Please follow the instructions below, that will take you through the steps of building a list of Outlets that cover a region and produce a list of Newsdesk emails for those Outlets

Step 1: Click on the target tab that appears at the top of the Agility dashboard

Step 2: When the "Research and Target Media" page appears, select Outlet in the "Search for" drop down menu

Step 3: Fill in the relevant requirements from the following filters: "Writing About", "In the format of", "Covering the area", "Publishing in" . These will determine the types of outlets you would like to target and which areas of coverage you would like to target. Also incorporate any filters from within the "then narrowed down by" section. Then click the "View Results" button to see the matched results.

Step 4: You will notice on the results that appear, the Newsdesk for each matching outlet will appear in the "Contact email" column.

Please feel free to contact the Agility support team if you have any further queries in relation to this.

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