In Agility, you have the ability to adjust the sentiment of a clip once it has been saved to your 'Saved Clips'.  Please follow the steps below to  save your clips, then change the 'sentiment' assigned to it.

Step 1. Check the box to the left of the clip you wish to save, then edit the sentiment.  The, select, "Save clips for later" and 'tag' if you wish to share with other users in your account.

Step 2. Go to Manage, then click on "Saved Clips & Clipbooks" in the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Find the clip you saved, then click on the 'edit' icon, which looks like a pencil on paper:

Step 4.  A window opens after you click that 'edit' button.  In the window that opens, click the current sentiment to drop down a menu which you can use to select the desired sentiment.  Then, click, "Update Clip."

That's it!  You have now updated the sentiment of the article.  When you view this article in your "Saved Clips" or in newly created clipbooks, you'll see your desired sentiment reflected.

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