Once you’ve created clipbooks, or saved them in draft form, you can then view in Manage Clipbooks. To access, go to Manage> Saved Clips & Clipbooks and at the top of the page, select Clipbooks.

You’ll be taken to a Manage Clipbooks index page where you can use filters in the left column to filter by:

  • Tag - the tag assigned to a clipbook
  • Status – the status of the clipbook, either Draft, Failed, Pending, Sent, or Submitted
  • Created – when the clipbook was created, in the last 7 or 30 days, or during a custom date range
  • Created by – the person who created the clipbook

You can also search for any clipbooks by using the search bar near the top.

Here are some additional actions you can take with your clipbooks:

  1. Click the orange “Copy Selected” with a clipbook selected to create a copy of any clipbooks. 
  2. Click “More Actions” to assign selected clipbooks to tags, or find new topic coverage.
  3. Within the table, under the column "Type", click a "Sent" PDF, Word Doc, or Excel to download a clipbook on any of these formats.
  4. To view any individual clipbook, click the name and you will be taken to the step in the publishing process where it was last saved.
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