If your Agility subscription includes Twitter coverage, it will need to be enabled at the beginning of the period being monitored. Please note that Full Twitter is NOT automatically enabled for your monitored topic/s. 

To enable Twitter on an existing saved topic

Step 1. Go to Manage > Saved topics and Topic alerts > Click on the name of the topic to open the Topic coverage page.

Step 2. On the Topic coverage page Click on the Full Twitter Toggle to Switch it ON (located on the left above the Filters).

Step 3. Click on More Actions (on the top right) and click on save updates. 

To enable Twitter at point of creating and saving a new Topic

Step 1. Go to Monitor and create a search > Click View results to see the Topic Coverage Results page.

Step 2. Click on Save Topic For Monitoring

Step 3. On the "Save Monitoring Topic" Window > give your Topic a name > Click on the Full Twitter Toggle to switch it ON > Click on Save.

Note: Twitter results will not be retrospectively generated. They will be generated from the point Full Twitter is enabled for the topic and will continue until it is switched off. 


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