Usually, when you are unable to export a list from the database it is for one of the following reasons:

  • You are looking at a set of results generated by search criteria rather than a saved list.
  • You have not selected any contacts to export.
  • You have exceeded your account's export limit.
  • Your account does not include the option to export records.

The workarounds are shared below.

Work from the saved target list

Make sure you are in the targeted list and not the saved search criteria. The saved search actions do not include the option to export.

Select some contacts to export

If you are in the targeted list but the the option to export is not available or greyed out, it may be because you have not yet selected any contacts to export. 

Select a record by checking the tick box to on the leftmost column of the contact you want to export. You can quickly select all records on the list by clicking on the topmost tick box of the list. 

Once some records have been selected, the option to export should now be available.

You have reached your export limit

When you try to export more contacts than are allowed by your account paramters, you'll see a pop up reminder of how many records can be exported.

Please note that the 1000 limit here is per export. In this example, several lists of up to 1000 contacts may be exported separately, but no lists larger than 1000.

Your Agility account does not include the export option

In some cases, Agility does restrict the ability to export data altogether. You can reach us via the chat service or send an email to to discuss this.

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